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Maya Peoples: Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth

>>3D  + Furniture Designer: David Israel Reynoso

>>Content Developer: Brandie MacDonald + Maya

>>Fabricator + Exhibit Director : Kate Clyde

//Exhibit Graphics/Environmental Graphics/Branding//

Celebrating the spirit of the Maya peoples, this much needed exhibit update finally highlights voices and artists of the indigenous community. Stripping the outdated content of it's colonized point of view, this new version celebrates the Maya spirit and culture through an unapologetic lens of truth. Maya are diverse, unbreakable, and alive.

Working with a group of Maya consultants, the design developed into a kaleidoscopic spectrum of color and pattern that shows the depth and diversity of Maya peoples. The strong shapes give nod to the Maya's relationship with geometry and math, while the stars speak to their deep knowledge of the cosmos. Gradients and bright colors contrast a typical "ancient" Maya exhibit, and pulls the space strictly into the "now".

2022-06-15 09.28_edited.jpg
2022-06-15 09_edited.jpg
2022-06-15 10.35_edited.jpg
2022-06-15 10.34_edited.jpg
2022-06-15 10.42_edited.jpg
2022-06-15 09.24_edited.jpg
2022-06-15 10.50_edited.jpg
2022-06-15 09.29_edited.jpg
2022-06-15 10.40_edited.jpg
2022-06-15 10.35_edited.jpg
2022-06-15 10.41_edited.png
2022-06-15 09.32_edited.png
2022-06-15 10.38_edited.jpg
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