PostSecret at the
San Diego Museum of Man

>>3D Designer: David Israel Reynoso

>>Content Developer: Sarah Crawford

>>Fabricators: Kate Clyde/Libby Tallman/Cindy Thorstad
>>Photos: Stacy Keck

//Exhibit Graphics/Environmental Graphics/Marketing/Merchandise//

A project for participants to anonymously send in secrets on postcards, PostSecret has gathered over a million postcards since its creation in 2005. The cards are intimate pieces of art that portray themes of pain, helplessness, love, and hope. Creating a unique show specific to the Museum of Man and could still be visually tied to the existing PostSecret project was the main objective.

Taking inspiration from the postcard  themselves, I created a collage style design that was both flexible and cohesive. Each element was taken directly from an original postcard created by a Museum of Man visitor. Elements like rips, doodles, or horizontal white strips are themes I mimicked in the 2D design.