With Animals

>>3D Designer: David Israel Reynoso

>>Content Developer: Sarah Crawford

>>Fabricators: Kate Clyde/Libby Tallman/Cindy Thorstad
>>Photos: Stacy Keck

//Exhibit Graphics/Environmental Graphics/Logo Design/Infographics/Marketing/Merchandise/Wallpaper//

Exploring the unique relationships we all have with the animals in our lives, Living With Animals challenges how we rationalize the labels we choose for them. What makes an animal a pet, a pest, or food we put on our plate? By reflecting how these relationships are portrayed in our literature, music, and art, the design team leaned towards a whimsical, Wes Anderson inspired direction.

Working closely with the 3D designer I helped to incorporate graphics into the environment in surprising ways to reward the curiosity of visitors. Armed with my bold patterns, hand lettering, and a clear color story, our team was able to strike a visual balance to create a heightened and charming exhibit.

LWA-Wallpaper-v7-01 RTP.png