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Hostile Terrain 94

>>3D Designer: David Israel Reynoso

>>Content Developer: Luisa Martinez

>>Fabricator/Exhibit Director: Kate Clyde

>>Timeline Infographic: Winter Smiley
>>Photos: Kelsey Graham

//Exhibit Graphics/Environmental Graphics/Bilingual Design/Branding//

At least 3,200 people have died crossing the U.S.-Mexico border since the implementation of the "Prevention through Deterrence" policy in 1994. Hostile Terrain is an art project that intimately documents and honors the people who have lost their lives on that journey.

Designing with compassion and respect was key for this experience. By collaborating with museum staff and community artists, we settled on a reflective color palette that neither dramatized nor ignored the heavy subject matter. Strong map-like lines connect content throughout the space, subtly reinforcing the question:  What is the true "hostile terrain"? The land, or the lines that divide them?

2021-11-12 11.07_edited.png
2021-11-12 11.52_edited.jpg
2021-11-12 11.53_edited.jpg
2021-11-12 11.26_edited.jpg
2021-11-12 11.09_edited.jpg
2021-11-12 11.40_edited.jpg
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