Cannibals: Myth& Reality

>> 3D Designer: Katherine Scott

>>Content Developer: Emily Anderson

>>Fabricators: Kate Clyde/Libby Tallman/Cindy Thorstad
>>Interior Photos: Stacy Keck/Buttons Photo: Samantha Andico/Exterior Photos: Dave Roberts

//Environmental Graphics/Interactive Graphics/Marketing/Logo Design/Merchandise//

A thoughtful exhibit that reexamines the term "Cannibal" and the stigma it carries, Cannibals: Myth & Reality challenges how that label was used across time and cultures to oppress large groups of people. It also asks us to practice empathy and wonder: if we found ourselves in similar situations, could we be Cannibals too?

Exploring these complex issues, we wanted to avoiding sensationalism and harmful clichés. Yet, we couldn't help but nod at the levity that comes with such a taboo topic. Taking inspiration from indie butchers, we settled on an orange and gray "butcher map" design for the marketing and final section of the exhibit.