Ancient Egypt Exhibit Refresh

>>Content Developer: Caitlin Mosher/Sandy McCann

>>Fabricators: John Wanzel/Libby Tallman

//Exhibit Graphics/Environmental Graphics//

Ancient Egypt, though popular with visitors, was a sore spot for the Museum. Outdated in both design and content, the exhibit contained around five distinct graphic styles that had cropped up over the years. The practice of displaying human remains is no longer a goal for the Museum, neither is examining a culture through a heavily academic anthropological lens. Both concepts were the cornerstones of this exhibit.


To breathe new life into the space (on a limited time-frame and budget) I opted for a strict color scheme based on the Ancient Egyptian palette. Green for new life and fertility, yellow for the sun and eternity, red for vitality and energy, and blue for rebirth and the Nile.  Calling for strategic illustrative-heavy moments and embracing the white space of the gallery helped give the exhibit the feeling of a true refresh.